2nd theatrical trailer for Patricio Valladares' CURRICULUM, starring Serge François Soto, Fabian Pa

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The new official website for Patricio Valladares' Chilean horror Curriculum is now online. Also, there's a second theatrical trailer for the movie on the website of YouTube Inc.. Valladares hopes to screen Curriculum at the Pioneer Theater in New York later this year.

As was previously reported here and there on ScreenAnarchy, the screenplay for Curriculum was written by Ignacio Roscoe and Patricio Valladares (a.k.a. 'PatoValla'). The movie stars Serge François Soto as the Italian, Fabian Padilla as Patricio 'Pato' lliro, Carolina Aguilera as the victim, Nelson Villagra as Augusto Lopez, Evelyn Belmar as victim #2, Patricio Chavez as a murderer, and Valladares as the corpse. It apparently features two scenes with Villagra and Agurtzane Ormaza that were shot in Canada. (Thanks to the Curriculum official blog for this information.)

Here's a synopsis for Curriculum from the new official website for the movie: "The same work entrusts two assassins them: To liquidate a woman who is in a shed in the suburbs of the city, both know that compete between them, to the moment to come to the mentioned place, there will realize that the woman is gagged of feet and hands, generating distrust on the part of the assassin with his client, besides they will discover that are fighting for the same work on both having been in the same place. In this moment it will begin a series of dialogues, of whom and sinceas death gives to this woman, where the requirements are the experience, the ethics and creativity to take the life from a human being. Speech of studies in human anatomy, terrorism, art, theoretical and self-taught formation they will be the leading dialogues of the history, which it will bear to the climax of the conversation, for ultimately to face in a struggle death, forgetting completely his victim and its profession."

Those who are interested in Curriculum may also wish to read this ScreenAnarchy article on Javier Elorrieta's Spanish-Chilean thriller Psycho Game (Rojo intenso) - a.k.a. "Crimson Blood".

YouTube: Curriculum theatrical trailer #2 page (trailer is in Spanish w/ English subtitles)
Curriculum theatrical trailer #1 (no dialogue; downloadable 3 MB WMV file)
YouTube: Curriculum 'making of' video page ('making of' video has no dialogue)

Curriculum new official website
Curriculum official blog
Psycho Game trailer (Spanish w/o subtitles; downloadable 2.2 MB WMV file - viewer discretion is advised)
FilmExport Group: Psycho Game

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