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A while back word began to circulate that cult legend Alejandro Jodorowsky - he of El Topo fame - was moving ahead on his long rumored "metaphysical spaghetti gangster film", King Shot. Very happy to say that this is correct ...

Thanks to my Toronto After Dark compatriot David Daniloff - who brought Jodorowsky to Toronto for an event a few years back and maintains contact with him - we have confirmed that the script is 100 % complete, Marilyn Manson and Nick Nolte will star with both apparently chipping in some of their own funds, and they're looking to shoot the film on a budget of three million dollars in Mexico.

But it gets better. Jodorowsky himself has shared with us a trio of storyboards by artist Sylvain Despretz - his previous credits include The Fountain and The City of Lost Children - for the film to share with you and these look fantastic. And really, if you expected them to look anything other than fantastic you need to slap yourself hard right now. The man is a living legend for very good reason.

Provided that all goes smoothly with King Shot 2007 could prove to be a very exciting one for Jodorowsky fans, what with ABKCO Films recently announcing that newly remastered versions of Jodorowsky's El Topo, The Holy Mountain and Fando & Lis will finally be making their appearance on DVD. New Jodorowsky plus the old classics finally getting a high quality release? It's better than a kick in the teeth, that's for damn sure.

King Shot Storyboard One
King Shot Storyboard Two
King Shot Storyboard Three

*** UPDATE ***

A Fourth Storyboard, This One In Color!

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Alann SmitheeJune 29, 2006 9:29 PM

This guy draws like Rolf Harris and he apparently hates Superman, queer-basher!

nittyJune 29, 2006 10:16 PM

best news of the day :)

beavisJune 29, 2006 10:28 PM

could even be best news of the year!
but I'm with caterpillar, Jodorowski's film projects have been in development hell for years now so news of a new Jodorowski film has to be more definitive than this before I dare to start believing

ilanJune 30, 2006 12:02 AM

I think one of the reasons his work has not seen completion in the last 16 years is that this type of film cannot get any funding. His first films were made in an era of anything goes. Films like Zardos were being made. It was not an era of Blockbusters. Ironically George Lucas was borne out of a very similar era but his own revolutionary creation of that era brought about the blockbuster and effectively ended the era of experimentation.

Things are changing again as they always do. Maybe we will see this film. I sure hope so.

CaterpillarJune 30, 2006 1:06 AM

I'm sure a madman like Jodorowsky absolutely scares the living shit out of the money people who ultimately have to give the film its greenlight.

aramchekJune 30, 2006 2:58 AM

I really hope this one gets made. His version of Dune could have been one of the greatest uncompleted film projects from everything I've heard about it.

And its good to hear his old classics will be getting re-release on dvd, though I think the Fantoma edition of "Fando and Lis" and Raro Video edition of "The Holy Mountain are pretty high quality. Both seem to have decent sound and image resolution as well bonus features (interesting short documentarys on each and commentary track on "Fando and Lis").

hernanJune 30, 2006 6:06 AM


Lonely-HitmanJuly 1, 2006 11:39 AM

All i want is a definitive date for the El Topo/Holy Mountain DVD's.

Guillermo Parra LisboaJuly 1, 2006 1:50 PM

X Fin... informacion confiable de la puesta en marcha de este esperado proyecto.

El "Quebrantahuesos" Jodorowsky retoma la senda del cine con un gran elenco y una extraña historia post atomica. La cual se desarrolla en una isla, luego que los gringos dejan la cagada en el planeta... (Aun no se sabe porque, pero seguro fueron ellos...).

...Me extraña la no confirmación en esta pagina de la participación del guatón "Torrente" y Daryl Hanna en el elenco (sobretodo ella, ya que el guaton jugoso de mas que actua..). Supongo que alguno de sus hijos actuara tambien (es parte de una cabala segun parece.. pero esta bien).

Me gustaria escuchar en la banda sonora aparte del mono del Manson (supongo que va de cajon) a su hijo Adan, el cual utiliza como nombre artistico el de Adanowsky (En Septiembre, saca su primer disco y los temas de avance estan super...)

Espero y confio que el proyecto sera todo un exito (Si la taquilla lo acompaña... mejor para el y nosotros, asi lo veremos mas seguido)
Espero que todos se caguen con la pelicula... especialmente los productores... que solo piensan en money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Un saludo a todos de un Diseñador trasnochador, en Chillán, Chile.

(PD: Estos gringos no van a cachar ni una supongo... chau )

Desde Chile.. al mundo forza...

CaterpillarJuly 2, 2006 12:05 AM

What is this moonlanguage?!?

Luis Catal√°nJuly 6, 2006 10:49 PM

Hola hola! Que gran noticia el saber que este nuevo proyecto y√° est√° caminando, JODO KICK ASS !!!

carlosJuly 7, 2006 11:07 PM


GarethJuly 28, 2006 9:10 AM

While Caterpillar has a good point but I really hope it turns into somthing real.

Its been very frustrating such an interesting filmaker has been unable to create something special for so long.

Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

JanAugust 18, 2006 6:54 AM

Well, the budget for this is only three million, and they are chipping in, so the financing shouldn't be a huge problem this time.

John Watercolor JnrAugust 19, 2006 11:50 PM

I can only conclude that these “drawings” - and I used the term drawings in its loosest sense – stem from the mind of sick, twisted, liberal and obviously ill individual. And I don’t blame that Chilean director either he doesn’t put the pencil into his hand. I suspect that Mr Despretz spends most of his time watching pornography, and not the good sort either, but porn that has people going to toilet on each other. Suffice to say, I certainly wouldn’t let this Mexican baby-sit my six year old beauty queen daughter and while we’re on the subject where were you Mr Despretz 10 years ago?? Depicting our Pope as a syphilis riddled letch is beyond contempt, yes Cardinal Pope Benedict XVI was a Hitler Youth, but if there was one thing you can say about Nazi’s it’s that they were certainly hygienic and clean of any venereal disease. It’s this kind disingenuous depiction of our Pope that gives the Catholic Church a bad name, that and paedophile priests.
I saw another “illustration” of Our Lord and Saviour portrayed as a giant head!! Oh, how witty and satiric of you, how you must have self-congratulated yourself for that one. When does this heathen get off!?! We’ll see who has the big head come judgement day, who’ll be laughing then? Not your sir.
I read another comment that Mr Despretz hates Superman and is less than sympathetic towards to gay community. This comes as no surprise as Superman represents everything that is good and pure in our society. Goodness only knows what Mr Despertz’s Superman would look like. Nipple clamps, a Swirl Corset Harness and Premium Deerskin Leather Flogger for a cape I can imagine, and who would want to see that? And I’m not impressed by his resume either; what the hell was The City of Lost Children all about? I’d be embarrassed to be credited on that movie. Oh and the secret to eternal youth isn’t shaving your head and standing on a branch as The Fountain seems to attest to. And who would want to see half-assed concept drawings for a project that will never get off the ground when you have Forrest Gump as your producer, although I have to side with him on the gay issue. It’s just not right, is it?
In conclusion I’ll advise Mr Despretz to visit however I suspect it is already too late. Although I did love his work in Gladiator.

Al BatrossNovember 9, 2006 1:10 AM

John - thanks for weighing in for the ill informed douchebag contingent. Nicely done. Your comment is so clearly riddled with your own hang ups, prejudices and bitterness that is impossible to take anything you wrote seriously. I'm sure you have accomplished such artistic works of irrefutable genius that you can look down your nose at "City of Lost Children" and any other film that doesn't adhere to Syd Fields hollywood film script structure. I'll never understand why people with nothing to say spend so much time saying it on the internet. Usually I just ignore you basement dwelling bitter losers who spend so much time criticizing things you clearly do not understand. But you've raised internet comment stupidity to an all time high. WTF are you even doing here? Just stopping by to spread your pious take on religion? I guess Catholic priests never molested any children in the world you live in - and the offending perverts were never transferred to avoid a drop in collections and church attendence - instead, in the world you live in, the catholic church clearly must have chose to expose what they knew about the perverts in their midst because they care far more about people and honoring thier own commandments than they do about dwinlding church attendence. Clearly you don't like anything that's being discussed here (and I'll wager you are a frustrated artist), so why waste yours and everyone elses time? Oh wait. That's right. I already know. You have nothing better to do. You sad, sad, SAD person... and now, in true Catholic tradition (as I am a Roman Cathollic) my distaste for your stupidity and vitriol will become simply turn to pity with a smidgen of compassion.

david LegariaDecember 11, 2006 6:26 AM

Caterpillar is sadly right. I no longer believe anything Jodorowsky says, as much as I love his work.

I'll believe it when I sit in the theater and enjoy it, not even a trailer will make me believe it before that.

BTW, Al Batross, I loved your post. That other poster was so absolutely pathetic...

Also, to correct some other poster: raro video's dvd for the holy mountain does contain quite a good interview with some Italian scholar and is a very decent, uncensored dvd. I do confess though, I don't know if a longer version exists...

Quixote QuetzalJanuary 25, 2007 2:04 AM

A focused effort of all our positive energy will make this happen.
This movie already exists in a quantum complimentary way.

Marion DelaucertierJanuary 31, 2007 4:07 PM

Quetzal, you are right. The doubt previously expressed here, though justified by history, is precisely what topples such a potential giant of a film, at least when expressed by studio executives.
Be there faith in THEIR hearts or no, we must have ours - until it overflows us - so that Alejandro Jodorowsky may return to the cinema with the souls of all of us in his gas tank.

I am with you, JODO. And in the end, if nary a second of film is produced, yet our dreams are enriched!

bella'April 12, 2007 10:42 AM

i just need to know if the film is in production yet? if so, where, and when, they are shooting?
does any one have specific information regarding locations in mexico?

tylerAugust 17, 2008 4:04 PM

well the fact that david lynch and werner herzog are on board this is the most promising attempt of recent. i am slowly uncrossing my fingers and becoming a true believer of the film. imdb also has more actors up and is also up even though it may be a while before they have things to show of the film. all in all i have immense faith in the project.