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It's a good news / bad news day where Media Blasters is concerned.

First, the good. While nothing has been set in stoen yet the long awaited North American DVD release of Takashi Miike's Zebraman is looking to be a first quarter 2007 release, a fairly quick turnaround considering they just bought it but long enough to - hopefully - put together a good slate of features. They've also dropped word that they have picked up rights to the live action adaptation of Devilman, a film that generated VERY mixed reviews with people seeming to either love or hate it with very few falling in between, and one I've had a hankering to see for quite some time now.

And now, the bad. Paul Spurrier's P has been dropped from their release schedule, apparently never to return. They had just announced a release date for this which makes the news very odd but I have no details beyond that ...

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