Trailer for Javier Elorrieta's PSYCHO GAME (ROJO INTENSO), w/ María Elena Swett, Fabián Mazzei, Ja

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Distribution rights for Javier Elorrieta's Spanish-Chilean thriller Psycho Game (Rojo intenso) - a.k.a. "Crimson Blood" - are being offered for sale by FilmExport Group s.r.l. at the Marché du Film in Cannes. The movie is being screened at the Palais B on Saturday May 20th at 11:30 a.m. (11:30), at the Palais G on Tuesday May 23rd at 12:00 p.m. (12:00), and at the Palais C on Thursday May 25th at 4:00 p.m. (16:00).

The screenplay for Psycho Game was written by Elorrieta. The movie apparently stars María Elena Swett as Laura, Fabián Mazzei as Ignacio, Javier Martín as Javier, and Salvador Sacur as Juan. The rest of its cast apparently includes Paula Echevarría, Silvia Medina, Liliana Ross, Tamara Acosta, Juan Pablo Sáez, Sergio Hernández, and María Eugenia 'Kenita' Larraín.

Here's a synopsis for Psycho Game from FilmExport Group's website: "The coast of Valencia. Javier is a young Spaniard, travelling with his Chilean wife, and son Juan. They are a young modern couple from Chile, with a 6 year old son, who find themselves on holiday in Spain. They are taking advantage of the trip to visit Javier's parents in Oliva. As a recently recovered sufferer of claustrophobia, it's Laura's first trip to the old continent. For added comfort and with the desire to maintain a certain independence, the couple have decided to pass the days in Oliva, at a campsite near the parents' home. There they meet Ignacio, a good looking young man, who proves to be a charming, fun, and sociable neighbour. Ignacio is a frustrated musician and enjoys underwater fishing. Laura is preparing for her final medical exam which is to be taken when they return to Chile. She therefore takes advantage of the trip to study. The couple and their neighbour establish an excellent relationship, which unexpectedly turns sour.... After an idyllic few days of a wonderful friendship that in no way could have foretold what was to come, Ignacio rapes Laura. Under the grip of her attacker's threats, she is forced into silence. She wants to flee from that place, feels vulnerable, and is unable to cope with the weight of shame that has descended on her, this being the main reason for not confiding in her husband. At the same time, the symptoms of her claustrophobia have returned. Laura then finds a DVD with disturbing images of another violent rape that Ignacio has inflicted on an unknown girl. She sends it to the police anonymously, because she knows her silence is her family's only guarantee of safety. Three years later, Santiago de Chile. In Santiago, the family is back to their normal family life. Laura has forgotten what happened in Oliva, and has kept the secret to herself. Life is therefore the way you would expect in a loving family unit. Laura is working in a modern hospital. But Ignacio returns into her life. He has spent the last three years in prison as a consequence of Laura's anonymous tip-off. Ignacio's vengeance begins in the shape of crimes and calculated moves. The success of Ignacio's meditated actions place Laura in an unsustainable predicament from which she is only freed by the final unfurling of the plot, not before however having to endure frightening and violent situations spattered with Crimson Blood."

Psycho Game trailer (downloadable 2.2 MB WMV file - viewer discretion is advised)
FilmExport Group: Psycho Game

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