MACHINED director Craig McMahon's SPORTKILL and ORVILLE

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The official website for Craig McMahon's SportKill is online, and there's a downloadable teaser trailer (as well as seven posters) for the movie on that site. The official website for McMahon's Orville also is online, although at present it's just a home page.

The screenplay for SportKill was written by McMahon. The movie apparently stars David C. Hayes as Ivan Haswell II, Dona Wood as Rachel (a.k.a. 'The Mortician'), Jose Rosete as Detective Rhames/'The Assassin', Matt Robinson as Richard, Kevin Moyers as Orville, Erin Del Rosso as Lisa, and Elias Castillo as A.J..

Here's a synopsis for SportKill from the official website for the movie: "Ivan Haswell II (David C. Hayes) is the only child of the wealthy newspaper tycoon K.K. Haswell. Young Ivan decides not to follow in his father's footsteps, but rather take on the precarious life of a professional gambler. Soon he would wear out his welcome and be banned forever on the famous Las Vegas strip. He would then open a gentlemen's club for the elite. SportKill was born in 1997, which catered to the man that has seen and done it all. Rachel (Dona Wood) had a simple life of making the recently deceased look presentable on their last days on earth. Rachel finds out quickly that her life would soon change after being abducted into this eccentric gambling club. Would you inflict harm on another because you were told to? Director Craig McMahon (Machined) takes us into the underground world of high stakes betting known as SportKill."

SportKill teaser trailer (downloadable 5.2 MB WMV file)
SportKill official website
Orville official website
Machined trailer (downloadable 20.3 MB MOV file)
Machined trailer (downloadable 12.9 MB WMV file)
Machined official website
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