Justin O'Brien's GHOSTWOOD, starring Alan Devine, Patrick Bergin, and Louise Osbourne

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The official website for Justin O'Brien's Irish horror-thriller Ghostwood is online, although at present it's just a home page. Also, there are two stills galleries for the movie on the website of production company Maxim Pictures Ltd..

The screenplay for Ghostwood was written by O'Brien. The movie stars Alan Devine, Patrick Bergin, and Louise Osbourne (née Lennon).

Below is a description of Ghostwood from Maxim Pictures' website.

Driven to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his father, Ed travels to the remote village of Killmore and finds a community that has been living in fear for centuries.

He discovers that his father had been searching for the spirits of a mother and child who were buried alive in the nearby forest over 1000 years ago.

His father's friend, the local priest, holds all the answers, but has locked himself in the church for fear of his life.

Ghostwood delves deep into Ireland's fascinating yet terrifying mythology.

Ghostwood official website
Ghostwood stills gallery #1
Ghostwood stills gallery #2

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