Erwin van den Eshof's DOODEIND, starring Victoria Koblenko, Terence Schreurs, Anniek Pheifer, Everon

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The official website for Erwin van den Eshof's Dutch horror movie DoodEind is online, and there's a trailer for the movie on that site. (Enter the "Chamber of Arts", then click on the fireplace.) There's a smaller but higher-quality version of that trailer on the website of Pathé Theatres B.V..

The screenplay for DoodEind was written by van den Eshof, based on a story by Nick Jongerius. The movie stars Victoria Koblenko, Terence Schreurs, Anniek Pheifer, Everon Jackson Hooi, Aram van de Rest, Mads Wittermans, Micha Hulshof, and Alwien Tulner.

Here's a synopsis for DoodEind from the website of the Stichting Holland Film Promotion: "Seven friends travel to Scotland to hike in the mountains, where they are attacked by large dogs. One of the friends is badly hurt, so they flee to an old abandoned house deep within the woods. They soon discover that the house is cursed - and once you've entered it you can't get out. A room transforms into another room, doors become lethal weapons, and one by one the friends are killed. The last survivors discover that the only way to get out is to discover the reason for the curse. And so they must undertake a terrifying journey to the dark centre of the house, where they are forced to confront their own destiny!"

R.C.V. Entertainment B.V. is scheduled to release DoodEind theatrically in the Netherlands on July 20th.

DoodEind official website
Pathé Theatres: DoodEind trailer page
Pathé Theatres: DoodEind
R.C.V. Entertainment: DoodEind

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