Dipteros' THE COUNTING HOUSE, w/ Byron Mann, Daniella Kuhn, Hristo Jivkov, Giovanni Capalbo, Michael

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The official website for Dipteros' Italian-Hong Kong horror-thriller The Counting House is online. On that site are a teaser trailer for and two clips from the movie. (On the abacus that's on the bottom right of the site, click on the fourth bead from the left - the one for "GALLERY_".)

The screenplay for The Counting House was written by Dipteros (Carlo Giudice and Paolo Marcellini), Sabina Colloredo, Richard Lasser, and Catherine Linstrum, loosely based on the novel La voce dell'isola by Colloredo. The movie stars Byron Mann as Jackie, Daniella Kuhn as Elena, Hristo Jivkov as Peter, Giovanni Capalbo (a.k.a. Joe Capalbo) as Zeno, Michael Wong as Beckett, Maggie Q as Jade, Pei-Pei Cheng as Lia, Eddy Ko (a.k.a. Eddy Ko Hung) as Andrew, David Breen (a.k.a. David White) as Tom, Leslie Loh as Vivian, Kayla Wong as Grace, Alannah Ong as Maggie, Carl Ng as Bruce, Chaplin Chang as Henry, Duc Luu as Charlie, Koo Fung as Leon, Jason Tobin as Eugene, Digger Mesch as Larry, Yuri Ting as Doug, and Russell Wait as Sam. It features special appearances by Janet Ma, Marsha Yuan, Kadin Wong, and Miles Wong.

Below is a synopsis for The Counting House from the official website for the movie.

Four employees of Island Fisheries come to a sun-scorched, isolated island to negotiate fishing rights with the sullen, paranoid islanders, who have good reason to be afraid.

Soon after the arrival of the four, a mysterious force - which the islanders thought was chained forever in the dank basement of the foreboding old Counting House - is once again on the loose, savagely killing the island's women.

Caught in a power struggle between rival island factions over how to stop the killing, the mainlanders are jailed. They manage to break out, but with a vigilante mob on their heels, can they reach the boat in time? They do, only to confront the mysterious, terrifying force that blocks their path just as they reach the boat.

The Counting House official website (w/ teaser trailer & 2 clips)
The Counting House poster (see above left - 60 KB JPEG version)
The Counting House fashion pictorial for WestEast Magazine (downloadable 3.4 MB PDF file)

Rai Cinema: The Counting House

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