Naoyuki Tomomatsu's ZOMBIE JIEITAI (ZONBI JIEITAI) - a.k.a. "Zombie Self-Defense Force" - w/ Miyû W

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The Japanese sale DVD (DMSM-6652; NTSC, region 2, no subtitles) of Naoyuki Tomomatsu's Zombie Jieitai (Zonbi jieitai) - a.k.a. "Zombie Self-Defense Force" - is now available for pre-order from ScreenAnarchy affiliate (Hong Kong) Ltd.. GP Museum Soft K.K. (K.K. GP Myûjiamu Sofuto) is scheduled to release the DVD in Japan on Tuesday (April 25th). The movie itself is scheduled to be screened at Dead by Dawn 2006 in Edinburgh, Scotland tomorrow morning (April 23rd) at 7:30 a.m..

As was previously reported here and there on ScreenAnarchy, the screenplay for Zombie Jieitai was written by Tomomatsu and Chisato Ôgawara. The movie's cast includes Miyû Watase, Hisakatsu Ôya, Jun Yamasaki, Shun Saeki, Mihiro, Kenji Arai, Yûya Takayama, Masayuki Hase, Kiyo Yoshizawa, Eriko Nagamine, and Yû Machimura.

Tomomatsu's previous directing credits include Odoru yakuza: kumichô wa, watashi!?, Death Penalty Female Prisoner Saori (Akai tejô: shikeishû Saori) - a.k.a. "Red Handcuffs: Condemned Prisoner Saori" - Stacy, and Eat the School Girl: Osaka Telephone Club (Kogyaru-gui: Ôsaka terekura hen). Zombie Jieitai
Zombie Jieitai trailer (streaming RealMedia)
Zombie Jieitai official webpage
Zombie Jieitai rental DVD case art (192 KB JPEG)

Odoru yakuza: kumichô wa, watashi!? trailer (downloadable 4.2 MB WMV file)
Odoru yakuza: kumichô wa, watashi!? official webpage
Death Penalty Female Prisoner Saori official webpage
Eat the School Girl: Osaka Telephone Club trailer (downloadable 7.7 MB MOV file)

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Richard BruntonApril 23, 2006 6:10 PM

I've just come back from a whole stream of films this morning, Zombie Jieitai being one of them...oh lord, we laughed so coming.

CaterpillarApril 23, 2006 8:08 PM

Nice! Looking forward to that review, Richard!