Yosuke Kubozuka in amour-LEGENDE

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Though he was out of commission for a good while following a very bad fall Japanese actor Yosuke Kubozuka still stands as one of my very favorite young actors in the world, Ping Pong and GO! being as strong a one-two punch as pretty much anyone can serve up. Well, he made his post-recovery return to the big screen late last year in Kenta Fukasaku's We Are Looking For The Moon (a DVD of that sometime soon?) and will soon be seen in pan-Asian project amour-LEGENDE from Taiwanese director Wu Mi-Sen. According to Don Brown's Ryuganji, "Kubozuka will play protagonist Oshima, an elite corporate executive having an affair with his married colleague May (Mei?). They escape to an illusory island, but May disappears and Oshima loses his memory in an accident."

Now, whoever encoded the clips on the film's website deserves a good slap as the video quality is horrible but the footage itself looks fantastic, as do the stills.

amour-LEGENDE website
amour-LEGENDE clip reel (downloadable WMV)

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