Trailer for Takashi Miike's WARU, w/ Shô Aikawa, Hisao Maki, Nagare Hagiwara, Keiko Matsuzaka, Ryô

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There's a trailer for Takashi Miike's Waru (working title was "Waru: Final") on the page for the movie on the website of goo (NTT Resonant K.K. / K.K. Enu Ti Ti Rezonanto).

The screenplay for Waru was written by Hisao Maki, based on the 3-volume gekiga Waru: saishû-shô (vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3) by Maki (story) and Jôya Kagemaru (drawings). The movie's principal cast is as follows (listed order corresponds to trailer order): Shô Aikawa, Maki, Nagare Hagiwara, Keiko Matsuzaka, Ryô Ishibashi, Shion Machida, Tamio Kawachi, Hideki Sone, Atsuko Sakuraba, Satoru Sayama (a.k.a. Tiger Mask), Akira Maeda, Hitoshi Ozawa, Johnny Ôkura (Jonî Ôkura), and Masumi Okada. The rest of its cast apparently includes Yoshihiko Hakamada, Kimika Yoshino, Kôki Okada, Hikaru Kawamura, Saki Kurihara, and Guts Ishimatsu (Gattsu Ishimatsu).

Maki Production (Maki Purodakushon) is scheduled to release Waru theatrically in Japan on February 25th.

For more information on Waru, see ScreenAnarchy's third, second, and first articles on it.

Miike's other recent/upcoming movies include Big Bang Love, Juvenile A (46-okunen no koi) and Masters of Horror: Imprint. The former is based on the novel Shônen A erejî by "Ato Masaki" - a joint pen-name of Maki and his elder brother Ikki Kajiwara (1936-1987).

Waru 1 MB trailer (streaming Windows Media)
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logboyFebruary 25, 2006 1:07 AM

fantastic find, didnt like one had been cut because it wasnt turning up on any japanese site... anyway, seems i am managing to save it off as a quicktime movie.

CaterpillarFebruary 25, 2006 1:27 AM

SOLD! This looks like tons of fun!

Ramen89February 25, 2006 1:45 AM

Looks good but then again I liked the Izo trailer and ended up hating the movie, oh well time will tell I guess.

DerickFebruary 25, 2006 2:42 AM

Ramen89's comments are right on for me.

I also saw the IZO trailer and got excited about it. After watching it in the Vancouver Film Festival, the whole sold-out audience started scratching their heads and yawning.

But I'd still catch this one.

hellocruelworldFebruary 25, 2006 10:31 AM

Looks cheap, but could be fun.

ApplecartFebruary 25, 2006 3:54 PM

now this looks fucking fun!

...i feel i must also add that i thuroughly enjoyed every bit of Izo.

ToryFebruary 28, 2006 2:11 AM

Looks sweet. How long does it usually take japanese films to come out on DVD?