Takashi Miike's 51 WAYS TO PROTECT A GIRL

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From the PDF file (see the bottom of this article for link) for Takashi Miike's 51 Ways to Protect a Girl on the subsite of the Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF), via Grady Hendrix's Kaiju Shakedown:


You are living in a reasonably peaceful country. You are leading a reasonably easy, if somewhat aimless, life. But there is always that dread in the deep recesses of your mind. For every Japanese, the earthquake is a real ticking time bomb. In an instant, you could lose everything you have including your life - or it could be that one opportunity you can finally find yourself. The hero in this film is a common urban young man. Tokyo will burn, but he will save the girl he loves with intelligence, courage and love. This is massive entertainment with a heart.


Failing the university entrance exam, 21-year-old Tanaka Daiki finds himself working part-time at a noodle shop in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. Daiki lives a boring existence and seemingly loses hope for a better future.

Shimizu Chinatsu, a 20-year-old college student and model, is adored by other students and treated like a princess by her rich boyfriend.

Daiki and Chinatsu first meet each other in the midst of chaos and panic as a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck in the heart of Tokyo.

On his way to purchase supplies for the noodle shop, Daiki feels that the pavement begins to quake. He escapes to a nearby building and finds Chinatsu trapped in an elevator. Daiki and Chinatsu, who are unlikely to come together in normal circumstances, now begin their journey together. Their only possessions are a radio, a lighter, a handkerchief, two cell phones, some textbooks and cigarettes.

Chinatsu's parents live in a suburb of Tokyo. As Chinatsu is worried for her family, they decide to make their way toward her parents' home. Witnessing the casualty and calamity, Daiki and Chinatsu make a vow that they will make it through together. Using whatever they can find along with their courage and intelligence, they help wounded people, search for drinking water, rescue children from a collapsing building, and chase off a mob of young thugs. Pressing on toward their destination, they continue to survive with hunger and exhaustion.

When Tokyo has become a lawless wasteland, can Daiki keep his word of protecting Chinatsu? Will Chinatsu ever reunite with her family?

Director's Statement

This is not just another disaster movie but a serious drama with a theme based on an event likely to occur in the near future. We will focus on the human drama that even seemingly helpless people can be resilient if they collaborate and use their resources wisely whether they are material or intellectual. The "51st way" is not really a way or a method - but when the answer is revealed I hope it will inspire hope and imagination in the audience.

Genre: Drama
Format: 35mm
Estimated Running Time: 120min.
JP¥500,000,000 (HK$33,500,000)
ITO Hidehiro
Writing Credits:
ERA Itaru (screenplay)
FUJIHIRA Hisako (screenplay)
Production Company:
Excellent Film Co.
HAF Goals:
Pre-sales, Funds

HAF: 51 Ways to Protect a Girl (downloadable 92 KB PDF file)
Excellent Film Y.K. (Y.K. Ekuserento Firumu)

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Tofu TeriyakiFebruary 16, 2006 7:22 PM

Does Miike sleep?
This guy is all over the place.

I love his stuff!

DaturaFebruary 16, 2006 10:48 PM

Any more info about this? Will it have a theatrical release, or straight to video? Any word on the cast?

Don BrownFebruary 17, 2006 2:25 AM

This will definitely get a theatrical release, should producers Excellent Film Co. get the necessary funding. No casting info has been released, as the project probably hasn't advanced to that stage yet.

Bob ViolenceFebruary 17, 2006 5:05 AM

It's worth taking a look at the other projects on the HAF site -- lots of info on (hopefully) upcoming releases from Fruit Chan, Stanley Kwan, Yu Lik-wai, and a bizarro American project from Apichatpong Weerasethakul.