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Information is certainly short on the ground, and the press is practically zero, for new BBC Three sketch show 'Snuff Box' which is due to start broadcast from next Monday at 11pm. What's happening then? Don't know, really, it's odd. BBC Three practically seem to be knocking-out new shows, well at least they're employing writers and performers at such an increased rate that there's a little doubt crawling into my mind that the quality level is where they've truly got their heart set.

There is a general ramping-up of the production of comedy, at it seemed to begin late last decade and has progressed at a high rate. Lots of shows in the pipeline, some filming now and some filming soon - Steve Coogan has 'Saxondale', Simon Pegg has 'La Triviata' (which he wrote, Spaced fans) filming now, 'Supernova' with Rob Brydon is shooting a second series in Australia now, 'Hyperdrive' gathered an audience and so Nick Frost and Kevin Eldon will return, David Walliams and Rob Brydon also have their 'Home' in the works, Mark Benton will appear in 'I'm with stupid' which had a superb pilot, Tim Burgess who wrote 'Ideal' (also coming back for a second series) has 'The Visit' in the works, Armando Iannucci has traditional sitcom 'Shush' coming, and that's just for starters...

Anyway, hope to be able to catch 'Snuff Box' because ever since 'Garth Marenghi's Darkplace' (still waiting for a DVD of it...) I've been a fan of Matt Berry, whos voice is incredibly addictive - and yes, I know that's an odd reason, but just catch his style of delivering lines, fantastic - and he also appeared in the increasingly popular 'Mighty Boosh' too.

'Snuff Box' Official Website at BBC Comedy; contains Interview, obscene Preview Clip (not safe for work) and more.

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