Gilliam's Back in the Saddle!

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Fantastic new on the Gilliam front in today's Screendaily ...

Up first is word that Gilliam has signed on to direct Anything For Billy, a western based on Larry McMurtry's Billy the Kid novel of the same title and scripted by McMurty himself. And if you're not familiar with McMurty's name, you should be. The man co-scripted Brokeback Mountain and with that film poised to sweep the Oscars it says here that financing won't be hard to come by for whatever he does next.

And as exciting as new Gilliam is, Screendaily also updates the status of three Gilliam projects thought dead. They confirm the longstanding rumors that the man is in the process of reacquiring all rights to The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, so that will be coming somewhere down the line. Even bigger news is that Good Omens aint dead yet, and Gilliam has apparently even revived The Defective Detective, on which he'll apparently be collaborating with Dave McKean! Sweet!

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