WARU. by Takashi Miike. Japanese Release February 25th 2006, First Pictures.

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Found these yesterday, again there's not much mileage in pictures alone, but then again I like looking at snippets of information like this. Seem the cinema release is set, don't know if it's limited or broad, so unsure if we will see any site containing a trailer online, going to look into that today and might update this post if there's anything like that to add : for now, these pics below of Sho Aikawa are touted as being from Waru and they clearly show Aikawa with Ishibashi as I would expect. Other info I can clearly see is that the films a Drama lasting 123 minutes, and there's a link below to a full cast listing and a possible synopsis or background explanation of the source in Japanese. You can also visit the page the pics come from, and see one other processed pic of Aikawa with a sword that's a little small or obscured.

'Waru' by Takashi Miike : First Pictures in a Window.

'Waru' by Takashi Miike : Cast & Synopsis / Background Information.

'Waru' by Takashi Miike : First Pictures (Source).

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