Kim Cheong-Gi's The Great Emperor: The Legend of One King, Korean epic fantasy CG animated film

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The godfather of Korean animation, Kim Cheong-Gi is taking a stab at the CG animation market with "The Great Emperor: The Legend of One King." For those who are unfimilar with Kim, he pioneered the Korean animation industry since the mid 60's. Among his works as director is "Robot Taekwon V" which became a commerical success and is seen today as a classic and masterpiece. His latest project is a epic fantasy animated film that is currently in production by Toto Entertainment at a budget of 14 billion won ($14 million).

Here is a brief premise from The Korean Times:
Kwanggeto Taewang (the Great Emperor) is a fictional account of the achievement and love of Emperor Kwanggaeto from the ancient kingdom of Koguryo (37 B.C. to A.D. 668), which enjoyed the height of its territorial expansion in Korean history during his time in power.

At the Toto Entertainment site, there is a trailer. Also, there is concept art there too but the link is broken. I hope what we see in that video is just a demo video, not the actual footage in movie because the animation looks like a game cinematics from 3 years ago. Its no "Final Fantasy" level of quality but its still work in progress so I'll wait and see how this will turn out in the future. The Great Emperor is planned to be completed in 2007.

The Great Emperor website at Toto Entertainment

Source: Joongang Daily, The Korean Times

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