Some Details on the Oshii / Fukasaku Collaboration Elle Is Burning

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Logboy has just passed along some details on Elle Is Burning, the upcoming film from Kenta Fukasaku from a script by famed anime director Mamoru Oshii. Oshii will also be providing CGI expertise in the project.

According to the film will be set in the Nishinari Riot of 1990, a major explosion of violence in one of the largest and poorest slums of Japan. The film is part of the Tokyo Project Gathering, a, shall we say, eclectic, batch of new film projects both live action and animated. What a story by Courtney Love is doing as part of this series is anybody's guess, but there you have it ...

I have really mixed feelings about this. Oshii is a brilliant writer, one well able to handle this sort of material as he proved with Jin Roh, and working in collaboration tends to be good for him since it keeps him from drifting off into totally abstract planes. But Fukasaku ... Battle Royale II was pretty, but utterly vapid and the latest trailer for his sophomore film - We Are Looking For the Moon - ranks pretty high on the ol' suck meter. Which is sad considering how good the first teaser was.

In a perfect world the two film makers will cancel each other's weakness ... Fukasaku providing pretty pictures and grounding Oshii a little more in reality, Oshii providing a story with better than an ounce of intelligence. But if it goes the other way and plays into both of their weaknesses this could be a horror show waiting to happen ...

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