Takashi Miike Directs Sho Aikawa and Ryo Ishibashi in 'Waru : Final'.

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Another Takashi Miike project is revealed for the first time in English : and it seems to be here at ScreenAnarchy. This time Ryo Ishibashi (of 'Audition') returns to star alongside Sho Aikawa (of 'Rainy Dog', 'Dead or Alive', 'Gozu' and 'Zebraman'), in 'Waru' written by Hisao Maki - based on his long running manga of the same name published by Kodansha; he will also appear in the movie himself. I have been informed that 'Waru' translates as 'Bad Person', and I had incorrectly assumed from my basic understanding that the 'ワル—' means WARU-, and resembles a Katakana representation of 'WAR' which would be an incorrect title.. Previous Hisao Maki works to recieve the Miike treatment include the lacklustre 'Silver', 'Bodyguard Kiba', 'Human Murder Weapon' and 'Family' - others that have received film treatments elsewhere include 'Muhito : The Matchless Man' (2005).

'Waru' has been made into many films over its duration and particularly (it seems) during 2004. It seems that to celebrate the final issue of the Manga there's this cinematic offering due to be released (tentatively) in Spring 2006. Also starring alongside Aikawa and Ishibashi is 'Happiness of the Katakuris' star Keiko Matsuzaka.

Elsewhere it is know that Miike is behind one episode of the upcoming Ultraman TV Series, and may also be helming a film of Ultraman too (yet to be confirmed beyond doubt). There's also talk that 'The Big Yokai War' will get a sequel very soon (may not be a Miike project), and that it's Rutger Hauer who will star in the English-Language episode Directed by Miike for the 'Masters of Horror' American TV Series (see Fangoria).

Show Aikawa 哀川翔 : Official Site. Hisao Maki 真樹日佐夫 : Official Site.
Takashi Miike : 三池崇史. 'War : Final' : 「ワル—FINAL」.

A large picture (from Sponichi Annex) that pops up here in a window shows (from left to right) Director Takashi Miike, with stars Keiko Matsuzaka, Sho Aikawa, Ryo Ishibashi and writer Hisao Maki.

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EOctober 1, 2005 1:54 AM

Ah that sucks. Hisao Maki never brings out Miike's best