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The legendary 1976 Animation film '로보트 태권브이' ('Robot Taekwon V') has finally completed its long awaited restoration. The film, achieving cult status amongst most people of the 386 (Born in the 60s, Went to College in the 80s, now in their 30s) generation, was previously released on DVD, with a lot of problems: frames missing, bad video and audio quality, etc. The remastered version will premiere at the PIFF, from October 6-14. We're not talking about restoring a few portions, but the ENTIRE film, a first for Kim Cheong-Gi's smash hit. The restoration took 2 years, and involved 72 people taking scratches and spots off of 108,852 frames, with a budget of 1 Billion Won. The original Mono Sound has become a new, shiny Dolby Digital 5.1. The film will be even re-released in theaters, which could prove a huge hit with older viewers.

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The second film of director Lee Hwan-Kyung (not to be confused with the great TV Drama writer of the same name), '각설탕' ('Sugar Cube') started its shoot on September 2 at a horse racing track in Gwacheon. Im Soo-Jung plays Shi-Eun, a woman whose love for riding horses makes her face trials and tribulations. To play the role, Im underwent two months of horse riding training. The film's title refers to the favorite food of her horse (after carrots, obviously). The 7 Billion Won film produced by Sidus will release next Spring.

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Losing out last year's race to Kang Je-Gyu's '태극기 휘날리며' ('Taegukgi') for the film to represent Korea at the Academy Awards, Kim Ki-Duk's '빈집' ('3-Iron') has been re-submitted to the jury which will decide this year's representative film, amongst 7 other choices. The film wasn't chosen last year for issues regarding its eligibility. They even set up a week long road show, but it wasn't enough to convince the jury. The other 7 films are Park Chan-Wook's '친절한 금자씨' ('Sympathy For Lady Vengeance'), Lee Myung-Se's '형사' ('Duelist'), Park Gwang-Hyun's '웰컴투 동막골' ('Welcome To Dongmakgol'), Hur Jin-Ho's '외출' ('April Snow'), Jung Yoon-Cheol's '말아톤' ('Marathon'), Ryu Seung-Wan's '주먹이 운다' ('Crying Fist') and finally Kim Jee-woon's '달콤한 인생' ('A Bittersweet Life'). Past Korean submissions to the Academy - Shin Sang-Ok's '마유미' ('Mayumi'), Jung Ji-Young's '헐리우드 키드의 생애' ('Life & Death of The Hollywood Kid'), Im Kwon-Taek's '춘향뎐' ('Chunhyang'), Lee Chang-Dong's '오아시스' ('Oasis'), Kim Ki-Duk's '봄여름가을겨울 그리고 봄' ('Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring'), and Kang Je-Gyu's '태극기 휘날리며' ('Taegukgi') - all failed to secure a spot in the final five nominees for the Oscar.
The jury will choose a 'winner' next week.

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After the release of her latest film '외출' ('April Snow'), Son Ye-Jin will immediately go back to work on her next project, Oh Gi-Hwan's '작업의 정석' ('The Basics of Dating'), starting on September 11 in Jeju Island. Oh directed the melodrama '선물' ('Present') starring Lee Young-Ae and Lee Jung-Jae, and his new film will be a romantic comedy, also starring Song Il-Guk.

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Jung Yong-Gi's '가문의 위기' ('Marrying The Mafia 2') was the first to laugh at the box office, with an excellent opening day of 130,000 tickets sold. Released on 380 screens nationwide, the film predictably was highly popular outside Seoul, with 94,000 tickets (36,000 in Seoul), beating out contenders.

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After two long years, top star Lee Mi-Yeon will return to the big screen with a leading role in '퀴즈' ('Quiz'). The film, expected to release next Summer, stars Lee as a mother looking for her kidnapped baby. Lee has a cameo in Kwak Kyung-Taek's '태풍' ('Typhoon'), but this is her first film since 2002.

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nittySeptember 10, 2005 10:15 PM

That robot looks alot like a Shogun Warrior toy I had as a kid.It would shoot missles out its hand :)