Mark Young's Phreaker and Southern Gothic

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Mark Young's low-budget techno-thriller has won a couple awards at smaller film festivals and was picked up last week by Kindred Media. Phreaker is one of the first feature films (see also Rhinoceros Eyes) to be shot with the digital camera developed by the Sony Corporation and used by George Lucas for the last two Star Wars Prequels.

"Nix is a hacker, ripping off the phone and cable companies to make a living. He views himself as a modern day “Robin Hood”, stealing from the rich corporations and giving to the poor... and making a few bucks on the side."

Phreaker Trailer (downloadable Quicktime)

What really got me interested after poking around Young's Tastey Pixels website, was his next film, Southern Gothic. A film which involves psycotic preachers, possessed children and undead armies. The site is pretty bare at the moment, but the flash intro has some stills/production design work which is pretty solid.

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