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The website for this year's Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival has been updated and though it's still far from being complete and fully functional this year's films are all on there. There are a surprising number of older films playing this year, perhaps the result of the splinter Real Fantastic Film Festival scooping some newer high profile offerings, but there's still plenty there to love.

Included in the titles are a stack of films we've been talking about round these parts for a while including Dark Hours, Rahtree Returns, Hypnos, Vanity Serum, Nomi Song, Rinjin 13, Sars War, Bal Can Can, Shallow Ground, Rottweiler, P, Migakagami, Lizard Woman, Cromartie High School, After the Apocalypse, Hellevator, and Rojo Sangre. Gosh, almost makes you think we know what we're doing ...

Read on for linkage to a flurry of new titles ... or at least titles that were new to me ...

Trouble. I believe this one's out of Belgium but, regardless, it looks gorgeous. It's a good twin / bad twin scenario, which is nothing new, but it looks like they pull it off with a good amount of style. The trailer is option 3 and it is not work safe.

Vinzent. Another one that just looks gorgeous, this time out of Germany and featuring some simply stunning locations. No idea what it's actually about but I've got no problem just sitting and looking at it.

Unconscious. A period set Spanish sex comedy with what looks to be a liberal dose of hypnotism. Shallow as all get out but it looks to be a good time.

Nuit Noire. Another Belgian one, another one just beautifully shot. The opening had me thinking Midsummer Night Dream and then it just got weird. Confusing but hugely compelling trailer.

Road To L. Docu-drama tracking a group of researchers tracking a supposed letter from H.P. Lovecraft. Bad things happen.

London Voodoo. As you may surmise from the title, it's got voodoo. In London.

Avatar. Mixed reaction to this sci-fi actioner ... some of the design and effects shots look fantastic. Others ... not so much.

One About Zombies. Spanish zombie comedy ...

Alas, the PiFan site doesn't include the original titles on their Japanese titles so I was limited to tracking down the films that use the latin alphabet or we'd no doubt have more ...

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