Film2.0 Interview with Gong Hyo-Jin

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Just a few years ago, Gong Hyo-Jin was considered by both the Korean Media and the audience as one of the most promising and popular young talents in the industry. With her much publicized off-screen relationship with Ryu Seung-Beom (of Crying Fist, Arahan fame) long off the tabloid pages, she now finds herself in a transitional period. She was interviewed by popular screen weekly Film2.0 a few days ago.

Amongst other things, she talks about having issues with the production team of her latest TV drama, the challenges that she's facing choosing between a life of easy typecasting and trying to move in new directions, and her experience shooting her new film (Heaven's Soldiers). Here are some interesting snippets:

Film2.0's Kim Se-Yoon: So to achieve a transformation, what kind of roles would you need to take?

Gong Hyo-Jin: Instead of the usual ingenue, I'd like a "real woman" role. Up to now I had lots of chances to play women, but I want something that would show a mature woman, something more than the usual sexless youngster.

Kim Se-Yoon: So something like Faceless Beauty (note: Kim Hye-Soo's career changing psychological thriller) would do?

Gong Hyo-Jin: I don't think I could do it.

Kim Se-Yoon: Because of the nudity, or the complicated psychology of the role?

Gong Hyo-Jin: Because of the nudity. Because of the reality that once an actress accepts shooting nude scenes, they'll continue to demand the same thing in other films. Then you'd hear people saying "You've shot similar scenes in the past, why complain now?" if you have anything to say. The recently released Rules of Dating is an example, they offered Im Soo-Jung the part (note: Kang Hye-Jung's), but she wasn't sure the character would fit her, and because of the burden of the nude scenes she turned them down.

You can read the rest of the interview (in Korean) here

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