Festival. by Annie Griffin (Writer & Director of 'The Book Group').

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First I heard of this was the varying reviews on 'Newsnight Review' last night. For those outside the UK, the show is a bit more 'highbrow' than the sort of shows that would normally give such a thing coverage. It still came off reasonably unscathed - though it put a couple of people off the idea of visiting the annual Fringe / Comedy Festival in Edinburgh around which the film is based - one reviewer saying it was the best example of such a film since 'Trainspotting'. Pinch of salt, I suggest.

Yes, the films is a 'Black Comedy' from Annie Griffin, Writer and Director of 'The Book Group' which was one of those shows that grew through word-of-mouth and was intentionally killed-off after two series (Series One on R2 UK DVD now, Series Two on R2 UK DVD 18th July 2005). Could suffer, this film, from the usual British Comedy film flaws : a complete evolution of skills to produce a typical 30 minute show that can't stretch to create a 90 minute film. Worth a look at the trailer anyhow - not safe for work or small children. If you search online for more, include 'Annie Griffin' for more success. 'The Book Group' was superb.

Trailer (Small Quicktime Download, 2.9Mb).
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