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Thanks to Aaron for sending in this bit of plot info for Chan Wook Park's Sympathy For Lady Vengeance:

"Also found this info about Sympathy for Lady Vengance("Chinjeolhan Geumja-ssi"). The long anticipated third film of director Park Chan-wook's 'Revenge Trilogy' which includes Sympathy For Mr Vengeance and Oldboy. Up until now, the plot of the story has been kept closely guarded, but what is known is that it is about a thirty year old woman (who may have spent the last 13 years in prison) out to seek revenge on the man who betrayed her. The movie joins the considerable talent of Choi Min-shik (Oldboy, Springtime, in a minor but important role) and Lee Young-ae (One Fine Spring Day, JSA). This Moho Film production may be released in June."

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