Korean entertaiment industry rocked by ' Entertainers' X-file'

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This past week the S Korean entertainment industry had been rocked by a 113-page report in a Microsoft Power Point file, dubbed the "Entertainers' X-Files,". Created by Dongseo Research for Cheil Communications the file was a research document which would be used to determine the value of potential models and minimize risk factors for advertisers. [Ed note: Dongseo interviewed 10 reporters, who were given vouchers worth 200,000 Won each for their information - Approx $500 CDA]

The report first scores "present position", describing how entertainers became known and what they do as well as their "prospects". Other categories, "Attractions/talents", "self-management" and "rumors" are scored in a separate table.

The "rumors" category has become especially troublesome. There are unconfirmed and potentially defaming rumors. Keywords and phrases like "bisexual," "scandals involving the sons of a certain business tycoon", "love affairs with entertainers", "sponsors have recently changed", and "had a friendly relationship with a certain Cabinet minister" appear in the report.

Sadly, attention has mainly focused on the “rumors” category. Comments and posts on message boards about this file and categories are mostly nasty than supportive. The contents of the file have been expressed in crude fashion. Many ridicule the rumored sexual tendencies of some of the stars in very colorful language. Others claim to be of a higher moral standing and resort to expressing their disgust with the poor personal morals of some of the entertainers. Of course this is something that is so much easier to do with the anonymity of the internet. They’ll never know who you are so go ahead and slander them!

Since Monday, 55 of the 99 celebrities mentioned in the document have filed a class action suit against Cheil Communications and Dongseo Research. Also, 359 people from the show business industry have expressed their intentions to boycott Cheil. "This incident isn’t just about the entertainers, but about the violation of an individual’s privacy," said Hong Jong-goo, a representative of the entertainers’ group. "We’re going to take every action and see this to the end."

Kwon Sang-woo [Volcano High/My Tutor Friend], a ScreenAnarchy favorite, said in recent interview that because of the break-out of the file he has seriously considering quitting show business altogether. Quite sad news since he is set up to work with Yuen Wo-Ping and is also rumored to be up for a role in John Woo’s The War of the Red Cliff.

A total of 368 entertainers, including such names as TV stars Bae Yong-joon and Kwon Sang-woo, belonging to 45 talent agencies announced later in the week that they will refuse to work with Cheil Communications.

Define Irony: This file is leaked and it will likely ruin some amazing entertainers' careers in Korea. A talentless hack like Paris Hilton becomes even more popular in America after her sex video is released online.

Via english.chosun.com and The Korea Times.

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